Executions in Alphabetical Order / Dora Leonor Mesa

It does not matter if you are superstitious or not. In Cuba anything can happen; even the most unimaginable of things.The three Parcas, the Fates, are out on recess in Cuba.

Why deny that they are interested in the Spanish alphabet to cut the threads of their canvases? What will be the next choice? Silliness??


The sudden death of the renown opponent leader in Cuba, Osvaldo Paya Sardiñas is full of enigmas. Leaving all accusations and suspicions aside, ten months before another Sakharov prize winner passed away: Laura Pollan.

Pollan, Laura, with her first surname with P. Paya, another P. A mere coincidence, if the also well-known mason opponent Gustavo Pardo weren’t finally obliged to go into exile after being pointed as a CIA agent in the last rerun of the TV show “Razones de Cuba”(Cuba’s Reasons). First aired on monday march 22 of 2011.

Such accusation, for any Cuban, is a clear death sentence by shooting.

In the Greek mythology, the Parcas are three goddesses who determined human life and destiny. Known in Latin as Parcaeand as Moiras in Greek, the Parcasassigned a part of good and evilto each person at birth, although by the own clumsiness the evil could be increased.

Melancholic maidens or severe elderly women,portrayed in art and poetry, alwayswere represented as weavers.

Clotho, the Spinner, who spins the thread of life.

Lachesis, the distributor of fortunes, decides their duration and assigns their destination to each person.

Atropos, the Inexorable, carries the feared scissors that cut the thread of life at the right moment.

Did Lachesis intervene to save the life of the mason Gustavo Pardo?

Does the Inexorable Parca Atropos have a list of Cuban dissidents whose surnames have the initial P?

Around 15:45 of 23 July 2012 a gray hearse brought the body of Oswaldo Paya Sardiñas to the entrance of a church of Cerro, in Havana. The car plate was HXX190 or HXX901 or HXX091? It’s hard to remember in the middle of the emotional hit and three hours waiting.

The Funeral was supposed to start at 8:00, then changed to 11:00. The address of the church was another dilemma solved by SMS messages sent between friends and acquaintances. It was recommended to forget the doubts and wait in the park outside the church, next to the news agencies cameras and the political police.

The hearse plate adds 1 and is an interesting number (9 + 1 = 10). The plate of the crashed car in which Para Sardiñas and other 3 companions were traveling (T 31402) also makes 1 according the numerologist criterion, those who practice the divination through graphs and numbers.

More than 400 people attended the prayer for the dead, a brief Catholic Mass in honor of the deceased. The applause of the attendees after the immense courage and activism of Paya lasted about 10 uninterrupted minutes. The priest’s voice was barely able to control the cheers and shouts of Freedom. Only when the troubled widow spoke, her voice turned the pain and anger int a respectful silence.

The National Anthem or Bayamo Anthem sang by the attendees, seemed like a scream more than a march. Paya died near Bayamo, at the east of the island.

Thereport of the UN Committee against the Torture (http://media.elnuevoherald.com/smedia/2012/06/01/11/28/ thvNr.So.84.doc )states that Cuban civil society and its families are under risk conditions. Therefore the international community must be on the alert. Also Cubans, wherever they are.

It’s time to protect the Cuban alphabet letters of the Opposition, among them, to those more common or those they bother, as the S, the V, the F.

At anytime, the three spinners change the threads and letters. Their last patch started from the end. The Parcas played with the hunger of Z from Zapata. After the feared maidens they beat to death the S of Soto Villar. Amid this net, without a doubt, are other cut threads.

Perhaps a rough day, the severe elderly women will jump to the beginning of the alphabet to sweep away whatever they find. The decisions of the Parcas can not be altered, even by the gods.

A, B, C,…F,G,..

The blind scissors are the worst part of the thread. It’s never known when and which thread will be cut.

– Cut again.

– No, it’s fine.

– I wouldn’t be so sure.

– These threads are strong

– Go on! Cut them all!

Translated by @Hachhe

August 7 2012