Evolution of Power / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

By necessity man evolved physically as well as psycho-socially. His awareness and the desire to survive and reach the unattainable, made him stand out among all the animals, each with natural weapons, while man had no defense compared to the rest of the species, he was easy prey.

This easy prey turned himself into the most dangerous animal on the earth by his ambition for power. This arises from the principal of developing his braing, where we start to see signs of leadership as the heads of the tribes, and so on.

Power brought many other riches, absolute control of everything and of the life of a subordinate human being.

Empires rose and as man became aware of the right to life possessed by all humans, to be responsible for their own destiny… he made these empires fall. But there always arose a ambitious man who wanted to be the master of the world, standing out among all leaders with wild thoughts passing over international rights, but these also failed.

Today this ambition is shared among different leaders, that can be replaced by other leaders with different ideas, thanks to the democracy of these governments as they must accept that “The people are what they want to be, not what the governments want them to be!”

The history has always reflected that nothing is eternal, those who tried to be absolute masters of something specific failed. Those who still hope to stay in power forever are mistaken, humanity will not allow it! They may be in power for years, months or days, but the right to change for something new and hopeful will triumph.

July 4 2012