Even the Police Stations Collapse in Cuba

Los Sitios Police Station on Reina Street in Havana. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 13 December 2021 — It is a common sight in some neighborhoods in the Cuban capital, especially in Old Havana and surrounding areas, to see pedestrian stepping off the sidewalk to avoid a building on the verge of collapse. What is strange is to see that one of these buildings is a police station.

This is the case with the Los Sitio Police Station, in Centro Habana, located on one of the busiest streets in the city. Surrounded by rubble and supported by struts, the building, on Reina Street between Rayo and San Nicolás, barely remains standing. Or as ordinary Cubans like to say, it is in “miraculous static,” because it’s hard to understand why it has not yet fallen.

Thus the Cuban Revolution will soon reach its 63rd birthday, among the rubble, filth and poverty.


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