Educate / Fernando Dámaso

Anyone can teach, only a few can educate. The phrase, not to be repeated, is no longer important. Times change and with them the customs and even the ways of speaking and acting, but there are unwritten rules that are handed down from generation to generation, and each person much respect and meet them.

These begin to be instilled in the family and are consolidated in school and in society. By making sense, and tending to facilitate human relations and coexistence, they are not an imposition, much less repressive. They depend on individual conviction for their importance and we feel good when they are applied. Because of this, their exercise comes naturally.

They consist of respectful treatment; deference to older people, women and children; care for the environment and social and individual property; decent behavior; the correct use of language; the rejection of vulgarity and marginalization, and many other attitudes.

Sadly, this is not our reality, to go out into the street has become a real challenge: whether to let the wrong pass, or confront it.

The majority opt to let it pass so as not to go looking for problems. This comfortable attitude, widely practiced, has worsened the situation and brought no solutions. To face wrongs would bring risks, but at least it would be a good start to reestablishing the lost education, so necessary to a healthy citizenry.

January 3 2011