Cuban Workers Will be Able to Denounce Labor Abuses in a Telegram Chat

‘Decent Work’ is used to obtain information, for example, about how many vacation days a worker is entitled to, but also to denounce their working conditions. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Madrid, 18 January 2022 — The Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) and the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC) have created a tool to respond to users about the rights of workers in Cuba.

The service, presented in Madrid this Tuesday, is called “Decent Work” and can be interacted with through an automatic chatbot on Telegram. As explained by the OCDH, those interested should simply search for @dignotrabajo in the search engine of that messaging application and, when it appears, join the group.

The tool is not only used to obtain information – for example, how many vacation days the worker is entitled to, if he/she could do the work remotely, in what situations a dismissal can take place or what Cuban regulations affect the job. In addition, “It will also allow any complaint of discrimination or abuse, in the workplace, that violates the rights or dignity of a Cuban worker,” the organization details in a statement.

Within the group, a menu allows you to choose between three options: “ask and receive information,” “report” or “request contact.” In any case, the OCDH specifies, they will attend to the claims “directly and personally” and will be informed of the “circumstances or situation” of the interested party’s work environment.

“If you report, remember to clearly explain the reason and the context,” the NGO asks in a video, in which it clarifies that personal data will be treated “with the greatest privacy.” In addition, they advise “clearing the chat history, in addition to the usual security measures you employ.”


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