Cuban Volleyball Player Ellemay Santa Miranda Escapes in Canada

Ellemay Santa Miranda has university studies in Physical Culture and Sports Sciences. (Facebook/Ellemay Santi Miranda)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 7 September 2023 — Cuban volleyball player Ellemay Santa Miranda left the national team in Quebec, Canada, after losing the bronze medal in the Norceca Continental tournament, which ended last Sunday.

The news was given by the specialized site CubanSp1ke. “We respect your decision and wish you good luck in this new adventure,” was the comment on their social networks. They also said that it is very “difficult” for liberos (receivers), Santa Miranda’s position, to get contracts abroad.

According to Radio Habana, the Cuban Volleyball Federation (FCV) has secured 51 contracts with 14 clubs abroad for players, 21 of them for women. Among the agreements are those of Dezirett Madam and Ailama Cesé with teams from the Italian League. Manager Osvaldo Martínez said that the important thing is that this international contact will benefit the sports growth of Cubans.

The volleyball player was the most outstanding player of the national team and during the Pan American Cup that was held in Santo Domingo was designated the best receiver

The volleyball player was the most outstanding player of the national team, and during the Pan American Cup Final Six of Norceca, which was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was designated the best receiver.

The departure of Santa Miranda comes a month after the National Volleyball Commission dismissed the coach, Nicolás Vives Coffigny, at the request of the players, according to the official press. Those changes also included the removal of the women’s team coach, Tomás Fernández Arteaga.

Santa Miranda decided to stay in Quebec after losing the bronze medal in the Norceca Continental tournament. (Facebook/Ellemay Santi Miranda)

The arrival of Leivys García as the technical director of the Cuban team did not seem to convince Ellemay Santa Miranda, who in the last match of the tournament in Quebec against Canada was absent and did not manage to contribute any points to the scoreboard for the Island’s team.

Santa Miranda participated in the Under-20 World Championship held in 2019 in Mexico, and she also joined the team for the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

Currently, the women’s volleyball team is ranked number 24 in the world ranking of this sport, and is in crisis. Its most recent achievements are the three gold medals won consecutively in Sydney (2000), Atlanta (1996) and Barcelona (1992).

Translated by Regina Anavy


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