Cuban Opponents Unite to Work for the Transition to Democracy

Opponents, activists and independent journalists presented the Council on Monday. (Collage)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 14 June 2021 — Opponents, activists and independent journalists presented, on Monday, the Council for Democratic Transition in Cuba, an initiative that aims to achieve three foundational aspirations: “a nation with all, an inclusive society, and a republic of rights.”

Made up of more than 30 opponents, the Council is, at the same time a political platform, a center of ideas and a government embryo, with a presence on the island and anywhere in the world where there are Cubans, according to its organizers in a round of press.

Enix Berrios, from the Christian Democratic Party of Cuba and one of the vice presidents of the Council, explained that the first task is to propose, evaluate and criticize the policy of the Cuban regime. When asked by 14ymedio if there is an intention to promote a dialogue with the dictatorship, he specified: “Today we are born without the intention of seeing ourselves sitting at a table with the regime, we are questioning it and we consider it illegitimate. Over time let’s see what will happen. Today we are not open to dialogue.”

Despite technical difficulties, which prevented the presence of several members in the presentation, diversity prevailed in the composition of the Council, which “does not pretend to represent everyone, but is open to the participation of social, cultural and political actors, who want to place within the same basket of initiatives a set of actions, proposals and concerted ideas for democratic change.”

The advisor to the Council’s Foreign Relations Secretariat, Ernesto Gutiérrez Tamargo, specified that the initiative is an open entity that wants everyone to be part of its structures.

Gutiérrez explained that “there is a hierarchical organization because someone has to take charge of the organization.” The first people to make the list are there for “merit, experience, work time and the ability to devote themselves to the fight for freedom, democracy and human rights in Cuba.” He added that many more people have been spoken to and that some have chosen to “stay in second place.”

In Gutierrez Tamargo’s opinion, the recent European Parliament resolution on human rights and the political situation in Cuba “gave legitimacy to the Cuban opposition” to serve as an interlocutor with organizations and even governments of other countries.

The Council for the Democratic Transition is chaired by José Daniel Ferrer (Patriotic Union of Cuba) and among the nine vice presidents are Manuel Cuesta (Progressive Arch/Cuba En Plural) and Félix Navarro (Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Party)


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