Cuban General Rabeiro Garcia Dies, Led Repression Against the Opposition

Brigadier General, Adalberto Rabeiro García, speaking on the Roundtable program on Cuban TV. (Screenshot)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 27 April 2018 — The head of the Directorate General of Investigations and Operations of the Ministry of the Interior, Adalberto Rabeiro García, died Thursday in Havana at the age of 73, according to the island’s official press.

Rabeiro García, who had the rank of Brigadier General, has been described as a repressor by several independent organizations that monitor respect for human rights in Cuba. His name is linked to the 100 and Aldabó Prison, in Havana, which he led in the 1990s, where many dissidents have spent long periods of confinement and cruel interrogations.

The soldier worked in the counterintelligence department in Villa Marista, headquarters of the State Security. Some independent media reports link him to several attempts to infiltrate agents in the exile movements in Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Houston.

The brigadier general was also linked to the investigations of a group of Cubans who in 1994 tried to divert a tugboat serving the Havana-Guanabacoa route to the United States. Those responsible for the action were sentenced to long prison terms.

Rabeiro García was also linked to the case of Panamanian businessman Alejandro Abood, 50, who was accused in 2001 of spying for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The businessman, to whom Cuba owed millions, was released from prison in 2003 due to health complications.


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