Cuban Faces 2017: Haydée Milanés, Singer

Haydée Milanés on the cover of her album ‘Palabra’. (Album cover)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 27 December 2017 — At just 37 years of age, Haydée Milanés (b. 1980, Havana) is one of the best voices on the national scene and the singer who has received the most praise for her work in the last year. The artist has achieved success with her album Amor, in which she takes on the repertoire of her father, Pablo Milanés, with great authenticity. These songs were presented in the middle of last year in a concert jointly offered by father and daughter at the Karl Marx theater in Havana, followed by an international tour.

She grew up surrounded by music and began her piano studies at the age of six at the Manuel Saumel Conservatory, where she also studied choral conducting; she later completed that training with more theoretical knowledge at Amadeo Roldán middle school. Her voice was enriched by her independent studies of popular music and her stay at a Swiss school of early music.

She turned professional before turning 20 , at the hand of the pianist Hernán López Nussa, although the first time she sang on stage was with her father when she was just a girl.

His performances have been immortalized on albums by important artists such as Descemer Bueno, which was a turning point in her career. Her discography includes a total of six albums of her own, with both studio projects and live performances. She has also collaborated with artists such as Gema Corredera and Pavel Urquiza, Pedro Guerra, Julieta Venegas, Omara Portuondo and Leo Brouwer, among others. ____________________

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