Cuban Faces 2017: Dayana Chavez Victoria, ‘La Senorita Dayana’

Dayana Chavez Victoria, ‘La Senorita Dayana’ (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 24 December 2017 — Young, daring and feminist, La Señorita Dayana (b. 13 January 1984, Las Tunas) vindicates the figure of women in urban music. The author of songs such as A Ti Lo Que Duele and La Mentira is opposed to the role assigned to women as simple objects of mens’ sexual desire.

Born in a town in the interior of Las Tunas, Dayana Chávez moved with her family to Siboney, in Camagüey province, when she was very young. There she took her first steps in life and art.

Chávez grew up as an artist and trained to enter the National School of Art (ENA), from which she later graduated as a dancer. However, what launched her to fame was her work with Adriano DJ on the Havaneando project.

In 2016, La Señorita Dayana won Havaneando’s Top Ten award for the popularity of her songs. Now, La Señorita Dayana’s musical career  in Cuba is experiencing its best moment. Widely listened to throughout the Island, she has shared the stage with artists such as Zenaida Armenteros, El Chacal, Gente de Zona, Mayda Mitchel and Héctor Téllez.

She recently sparked a controversy in Miami when she left an interview in which she was called upon to take a position on the the Cuban government’s practice of selling donated items to the victims of Hurricane Irma. Chavez said on that occasion that she was on the television program to talk about her music, not about politics.

Her songs are also among the most listened to on the station Ritmo 95 Cubatón Y Más, in Miami, a station that promotes the urban genre of the Island.


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