Cuban Dissidents Capture Images of the Regime’s Dungeons / Raul Garcia

Posted by on March 11, 2012


Via the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU):

This video was taken clandestinely by members of UNPACU who were detained in a dungeon of the Micro 9 police unit in Santiago de Cuba on December of 2011.  The activist who managed to film the images managed to do so by hiding a cell phone somehow while the guards were checking them all.  Here one can see the inhumane conditions which Cuban human rights activists are subjected to just for defending an demanding freedom for all Cubans.  These conditions have been described countless times by dissidents when they offer their testimonies after having been arrested/detained for days on end, but this time you can see the images for yourselves:

Raul’s blog, Pieces of the Island, provides a daily (and hourly at times!) update of what is happening to dissidents in Cuba right now.