Cuban ’11J’ Prisoner With German Citizenship Is Beaten in Prison

The political prisoner is serving a 15-year sentence. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Madrid, December 1, 2023 —  Prisoners Defenders (PD) reported this Friday that political prisoner Luis Frómeta Compte has received a brutal beating in the Combinado del Este prison in Havana, where he is incarcerated.

As confirmed by the Madrid-based organization based on the testimony of his relatives, the prisoner has been in the prison medical ward since this Thursday, with a broken nasal septum apart from other injuries. The family made a direct broadcast this morning claiming that, after waiting hours in the prison, they still had no contact with him nor did the authorities provide them with precise information about Frómeta Compte.

“We really don’t know what condition he is in,” says his son’s mother, in a desperate voice. Both the family members and PD assert that the regime commissioned common prisoners to attack the political prisoner. “The inmates report that the perpetrators are known and have not even been reprimanded,” says the NGO, which urges the regime to “stop torturing prisoners.”

We really don’t know what state he is in,” says his son’s mother, in a desperate voice

Frómeta Compte, 62 years old and with German nationality, is serving a 15-year sentence for “inciting to commit a crime” during the peaceful demonstrations on 11 July 2021. He was only recording the protest, and was on the island for a visit. For this reason, Prisoners Defenders addresses the Government of Germany in its tweet, asking: “Save your citizens from the torture of a ’friendly’ country!”

On November 19, Luis Barrios Díaz, one of the political prisoners of 11J in Cuba, died in the La Covadonga hospital, in Havana. His family and the Cuban Human Rights Observatory (OCHD) denounced that it was negligence.

“The authorities, in an attempt to free themselves from their responsibility as a result of their negligence, processed with unprecedented speed an extra-penal license for the political prisoner,” the Observatory stated at the time.

In its statement, the OCDH demanded the “immediate release” of all political prisoners and noted that “although it is a matter of political will, the regime has at least eight legal avenues to release or immediately release everyone.”


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