Cuba: Three Women from Najasa, Camaguey, Have Been Murdered in Four Months

In 2021, sexist violence claimed the lives of thirty women in Cuba. (Archive / 14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 8 January 2021 — Misladis Carmenates Hidalgo, about 43 years old, was murdered by her partner on January 6 at her residence located in the Albaisa neighborhood, on the outskirts of the city of Camagüey. “Before the slaughter she suffered eleven stab wounds, before the murdered escaped,” the independent newspaper La Hora de Cuba reported this Friday.    

The victim, who was buried yesterday in the town of Cuatro Caminos, in the Camagüey municipality of Najasa where she is from, is survived by three children from previous relationships, one of them a minor.

Hours after the crime, Carmenates’ partner, known as Manduco, with the last name Oropesa and ten years her junior, surrendered to a police unit in Najasa, where he resides. The detainee was transferred a few hours later to another station in the provincial capital.

“The crime was also the end of a turbulent relationship of encounters and disagreements, aggravated by frequent fights and exaggerated alcohol consumption,” relatives of the victim told La Hora de Cuba, although for the moment “the direct causes” of the murder “are unknown.”

According to the independent media, three women from the municipality of Najasa, with a population of just 16,000 inhabitants, have been victims of crimes of sexist violence. The previous one was the double stabbing murder of Zaily Téllez and her daughter at the hands of the owner of the apartment in which they lived, “without the causes being officially disclosed so far.” In that area of ​​the center of the country, “events of daily violence against women by their partners are not rare or secret.”

The first registered femicide of the year took place in Villa Clara. A mother of two grown children, Maylén Guerra García worked as a custodian at the Chiquitico Fabregat sugar refinery in Remedios and was murdered by her partner on January 2, according to the magazine Alas Tensas.

At the beginning of December, the publication also disclosed the femicide of Yoanka, a woman who “was in her 40s and had three daughters in her care.” They detailed that she was a resident of the Ciudamar neighborhood in San Miguel del Padrón, and that the aggressor was her partner.

Alas Tensas then demanded that the Federation of Cuban Women and the authorities show concern “about this silent pandemic” that claimed the lives of thirty women in 2021.


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