Cuba Sends A Shipment Of Vaccines To Syria Worth Almost One Million Dollars / 14ymedio

Arrival of cargo of medicines to Syria. (SANA)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, 19 December 2016 — The Cuban government has sent Syria a shipment of nearly 240,000 doses of meningitis vaccine valued at $930,000.

The container, received this Sunday, is part of the agreement signed between Syria and Cuba last April that includes, in addition to medicines, an economic agreement to liquidate the debts of the Government of Damascus with the island.

Relations between the Syrian and Cuban authorities have been very close in the last five decades. President Bachar al-Assad and Raúl Castro have carried on, in recent times, the friendship initiated by Hafez al-Assad and Fidel Castro.

This is the second time in 2016 that Cuba has sent medicines to the Arab country, heavily devastated by almost six years of war.