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Help us to identify him. (Cubalex)

Cubalex, 6 November 2021 — Cubalex exposes repressors as part of our commitment to make the perpetrators visible. We expose them in solidarity with those who are imprisoned today for exercising a right, and also with their families.

Help us to share, help us to denounce.

Denounce the aggressor! With your voice you can prevent other people from being tortured within the prisons.

This is Lt. Col. Francisco Estrada Portales, who was in charge of all of my interrogations in the headquarters of OEIDCSE (Special Criminal Investigations Unit for Crimes against the Security of the State) in Villa Marista,” Cuban artist Hamlet Lavastida reported on Twitter.

Lt. Col. Kenia Maria Morales Larrea

Harasses, threatens, and prosecutes independent artists in Cuba.

Johana Tablada

The MINREX (Foreign Ministry) official stated without hesitation “It’s a lie that people have been tortured. It’s a lie that people have been disappeared.”

Official Jorge Luis Garcia, known in San Jose de las Lajas as “bone breaker”, has accused and beaten peaceful July 11th demonstrators.

Help Us to Identify Him

This man has beaten women and men from the opposition. This man put out a cigarette on the face of a Woman in White. This man violently suppressed people who came out to show support for Manuel Otero in Obispo Street. He is known as “Agent Camilo”.

From State Security: Captain Javier

Harasses, threatens, and arrests independent artists in Cuba.

Repressor: Lt. Ernesto Dávila Gallardo

He is the agent-in-charge in the case against journalist Camila Acosta, accused of “public disorder”. Davila, age 26, is a law graduate of the University of Havana.

Journalist Abraham Jimenez also identified him as one of his repressors.

The article “Repressors Identified” was first published in Cubalex.