Cuba Identifies 9 of the 10 Who Died in the Accident in Mexico, but Refuses To Give Their Names

Eleven Cubans, who were injured in the accident in Pijijiapan (Chiapas), were discharged. (Cuban Embassy in Mexico)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Ángel Salinas, Mexico, 4 October 2023– Cuban authorities have identified nine of the ten people who died last Sunday in a traffic accident in Pijijiapan (Chiapas), but at the moment they have not publicly said who they are. According to the consul in Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Moreno Carpio, “all the deceased will be repatriated shortly.”

In a video uploaded to the diplomatic headquarters’ Facebook account, the consul mentioned that he is “working diligently” together with the Mexican authorities to identify the missing victim of the incident.

A nurse at the Pijijiapan hospital, where some of the injured are being treated, confirms to 14ymedio that among the deceased are Dayanes Morales Piedra, 23 years old, Naelis Carrillo Rodríguez, Aylen Moreira Guimarais, María Fernanda Lara (12), Zulema de la Caridad Amarral Valverde (16), Alicia de la Caridad Rodríguez Montero (22) and Shakira Martínez. The nurse does not have authorization to provide the other three names.

Selena, Shakira’s sister, requested the help of the authorities for the repatriation of her sister’s body. The deceased young woman, originally from Holguín, left Cuba more than a month ago in the company of her sisters with the purpose of reaching the United States, commented independent reporter Neife Rigau, a friend of the young women.

“I don’t understand why they don’t release the list. They asked us not to report anything without consular authorization,” the nurse tells 14ymedio. “Each of the cases have been detailed to the authorities. Among those hospitalized there are several minors who required specialized care and had to be transferred to other institutions.”

Immigration agents take data from two Cubans who were traveling in the truck that crashed last Sunday in Pijijiapan (Chiapas). (Migration’s national institute)

The injured have been treated at Huixtla, Mapastepec and Tonalá hospitals, as well as Pijijiapan. The initial list included Damelos Talavera Sánchez, 32, Mailen Melissa Aliaga Tamayo (24), Ariany Velasco Moreira (7), Yaritza Alen Cuitc (44), Eliani Dueña Carrillo (6), Melissa Guilarte Cerrando (18), Elisa Mauro Chávez Prieto (20), Sonia Tamayo Rosales (53), Daykenia Rodríguez (46), Diana Iris Lozano Moleón (26), Armando Cárdenas Césped (60), Alejandro Adrián Velasco (12), Yorlaine Valverde Pastor (17), Ross Liz Cortina Mandearable (18), and Félix Arriaga Suárez (46).

The Cuban consul did say that 11 people were discharged and another “six receive personalized medical assistance.” Among them is a minor who “receives treatment for lung involvement.”

The nurse explained to this newspaper that the difference in the figures occurs because two of the injured “did not need hospitalization.” Two of the patients, she said, “were admitted with the diagnosis of serious illness to the General Hospital of Huixtla.”

The Chiapas State Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation file for the crime of reckless homicide in “traffic events” against the person or persons responsible for this incident.


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