Cuba: Archipielago Coordinator Resigns Due to Political Disagreement


The lawyer Fernando Almeyda has been, since its foundation, one of the most visible heads of the Archipíelago platform. (Facebook)

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14ymedio, Havana, 4 December 2021 — The lawyer Fernando Almeyda resigned this Friday as one the coordinators of the Archipiélago group. “Assuming this role implies a responsibility, which in the face of the latest events and decisions of the group I cannot assume,” he explained in a post published on his Facebook profile, in which he also claimed: “The political nuance of the platform and its coordinators, although I am sure that they benefit the Cuban cause, it is moving away from my ideas, my way of thinking and my political position.”

This does not mean, the jurist clarifies, that he departs from “the fight” and assures that he will continue “as one more island in the Archipiélago, as one more follower of this project.”

“The Archipiélago’s struggle represents one more force (not the only one) based on a greater good: justice, freedom, democracy and well-being for the Cuban people,” he concludes in his text. “I owe myself to that fight, and to all the projects and actors who share that vision.”

Asked by 14ymedio what he meant by “the political nuance of the platform,” Almeyda gave as an example “all the interviews that Yunior [García Aguilera] has given, whom I admire and respect, but whose dialectic as a leader I disagree with,” as well as that “on behalf of the Archipíelago, positions, ideas and alliances have been proposed that have not been brought to consensus” and that “many of the things that have been decided by the majority are not followed, due to minority dissent, or it doesn’t represent the consensus by the veto of one or two people “.

On the first, he added: “I can also quote you the configuration of an agenda of Yunior that does not respond to the objectives and purposes of the Archipelago and over which the members have no real control.”

After the surprise arrival in Spain of Yunior García Aguilera and his wife, Dayana Prieto, on November 17, the platform has experienced not only harassment and repression by State Security, but also notable desertions within the group .

One of them was that of Daniela Rojo, who last Wednesday announced her resignation as coordinator of the platform. The young woman from Guanabacoa, mother of two young children, who was kidnapped by the political police on November 12 and spent five days in a house of the Ministry of the Interior under the custody of several agents, argued her decision on “personal and family problems.”

Before her, professor Leonardo Fernández Otaño, also a moderator of the platform , had publicly announced his departure from Archipielago , and confessed, like Almeyda, to not sharing “a group of political actions carried out by Yunior García Aguilera since his departure from Cuba.”


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