CUBA: Ángel Santiesteban once again in Guardafronteras Prison Unit

Authored by the editors of Angel’s blog.

We learned from relatives of Ángel Santiesteban-Prats that he was returned to Guardafronteras Prison Unit in Jaimanitas where they keep him unjustly incarcerated.

He was transferred Tuesday morning for the second time in four days to the sinister facilities known as Villa Marista, the central prison of State Security in Cuba.

All we know is that he is well, and we do not not the reasons for either transfer.

We recall that Angel should have been paroled on April 28, but they continued to violate his rights, stripping him of days he had been credited with for a year in order to keep him locked up.

We also recall that the dictatorship still does not know how to handle the appeal he filed of the July 4, 2013 trial.

We are infinitely for all the demonstrationrs of solidarity received and those expressed on the social networks.

The Editors

11 June 2015