Costa Rica’s Deputy Foreign Minister Meets With Mexico About Cuban Migrant Situation / 14ymedio

Nicaraguan military on the border with Costa Rica to prevent the passage of Cubans (14ymedio Photo / Reinaldo Escobar)
Nicaraguan military on the border with Costa Rica to prevent the passage of Cubans (14ymedio Photo / Reinaldo Escobar)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio (with information from EFE), Mexico, 1 December 2015 — The Deputy Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Alejandro Solano, met Tuesday in Mexico City with Socorro Flores. Mexico’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, with whom he discussed issues of bilateral relations, including the results of the meeting held in El Salvador on 24 November on the situation of Cuban migrants, according to the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Solano is in Mexico participating in the 2015 Fourth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Mesoamerica Project, also attended by representatives of other governments in the region. Taking advantage of his stay in the country, the two held a working breakfast, according to a statement by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE).

At that meeting, the Secretary reiterated “the solidarity of Mexico with Costa Rica” and its willingness to “evaluate measures that could help resolve the situation within the framework of Mexican law.”

Both officials agreed to remain in contact on the offered an opportunity to review progress in implementing the Declaration of the XV Summit of the Mechanism of Dialogue and Agreement of Tuxtla and agree on actions to be taken next year. The report also presented the results of the Joint for the first half of 2015, which was headed by Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The Executive Director of the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation on Development (AMEXCID), María Eugenia Casar, noted that “the Mesoamerica Project represents an excellent vehicle for cooperation and political dialogue to bring the countries of the region closer, being a truly collective effort.”

Created in 2008, the Mesoamerica Project is a mechanism of technical and political dialogue that seeks to build consensus, articulate cooperation efforts, and attract resources to strengthen the Mesoamerican process of integration and development, with the aim of improving the quality of life for 226 million people.

The SRE corrected information released to some media on Monday by the Costa Rican Deputy Minster, which reported that the Mexican Deputy Secretary and the Guatemalan Deputy Foreign Minister, Carlos Ramiro Martinez, would meet in Mexico.” There has been no meeting between Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico to address the issue of Cuban migrants who are currently in Costa Rica,” he said.