Congratulations Spain!

Yesterday was a day of many emotions. From the early hours the largest theaters in the capital were completely full. The young and sweaty faces of those present, decorated with the colors of their teams, eagerly awaiting the start of the last game of the Series, to gaze in full color on the gigantic screen. Homemade flags and other original handicrafts were waving in the tight space. It was a great party, above all for the youth of Cuba.

A close game where both teams showed their wonderful skills and greatness. Each team had a fantastic goalkeeper, finally Casilla showed who was the best in the world, and together with to the goal by Inhiesta, it ended with a resounding victory for Spain, making Queen Sofía herself jump for joy.

I hope that very soon, in our little planet Cuba, we can enjoy baseball games in the same way, on a large screen in full color in the Big Leagues, because that is the sport that is the true passion of all of us natives who live here.

Translated by: MarcosD in NYC