CLICK Festival Closing / Rebeca Monzo

Right now the Click Festival is wrapping up, enlivened by the music of the group Omni Zona Franca, after three days of intense theoretical exchanges about technology.

In the morning was kid-Click, dedicated to children and teens, especially for these little dwarfs we love so much to enjoy it, forced as they are to accompany us on so many of our activities.

Later, after a pause for refreshment, the critics analyzed the festival and the challenges for the next edition, with the participation of all those present who wanted to express their ideas.

Following that was the awarding of prizes for the technology and #FesitvalCLIC twitter contests.

The first was awarded the blogger Ernest Camué with a laptop and the second to the owner of the blog Crossing the Barbed Wire — Luis Felipe Rojas — with a $100 CUC recharge on his mobile phone.

June 23 2012