Cuban Civil Society Open Forum statement on the resumption of relations with the US / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 23 December 2014 – With regards to the announcement of the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States, coming out of secret negotiations, the Cuban Civil Society Open Forum wishes to state that:

  • We are pleased for the dozens of compatriots who will be released from prison and also by the release of Alan Gross.
  • We believe that this ends the pretext and the official narrative of a besieged people, and that we must focus on democratic change in Cuba.
  • We assume that the pressure from Cuban democrats within and outside the Island has contributed in a substantive way to the creation of this new scenario, and so we confirm that in the future we must expand the role of our civil society.
  • We must listen to, reflect, and give voice to what the Cuban people are feeling at this time and offer them a new narrative, tactics and strategy, and a new language.
  • We make a call to strengthen the unity in diversity achieved so far, whatever our opinions may be on this issue, and to maintain equanimity and respect.
  • We expect that further negotiations will be carried out with greater transparency and will take into account all of the actors of Cuban society, without secrecy, and not behind the backs of institutions.