Citizens’ Demand for Another Cuba Activists Named “People of the Year” by Diario de Cuba / #Cuba

porotracuba7People of the Year From Diario de Cuba

Managers of the Citizens’ Demand ‘For Another Cuba’ — Activists

The managers of the Citizens’ Demand for Another Cuba have articulated an initiative capable of uniting a large share of the peaceful internal opposition, as well as hundreds of Cubans both on the Island as well as in exile. Activists, attorneys, journalists and independent artists, professionals, human rights defenders, bloggers and citizens in general, demand that the regime ratify and implement the the UN Covenants, signed in February 2008.

In 2012, the Citizens’ Demand for Another Cuba was delivered to the headquarters of the National Assembly as proof of the definitive will to fight for changes that allow a democratic transition in the nation.

Despite the repression and harassment to which they have been subjected, the managing group, headed by Antonio G. Rodiles, continues to publicize the initiative in the country, as well as to stress the need for public debate on issues such as the dual currency, immigration and travel restrictions, the rights of workers to a living wage, the right of all Cubans, wherever they live, to promote economic initiatives in the country, the demographic crisis, free access to the internet and new technologies, and the exercise of democracy.