Chess / Diana Karen Tur Garma

lisa-laneWhen we went to kiss, it was super funny, like high school, you do not know where to stick your tongue, your teeth collide and then you wonder why so many people do this. Perhaps one day two Neanderthals’ mouths inadvertently collided and poof, monkey see monkey do. We stopped. We moved away a little. We laugh. We don’t have to kiss if you don’t want to. Only now she laughed. I want to, but I think I forgot how.

We got in the starting position again. Again, only she laughed. On your mark, get set, go. Lest there be mistakes and everything would flow, I threw myself on her lower lip, which is the nicer one. I bit. She bit too. Now that we were not in high school.

We then went back casual conversation, the typical chess game. I like singing in the shower. Oh yeah, I like insects. Well, I throw myself off the fifth floor whenever I have time. Me tooooooo. I can not believe I found someone who does that. Also sometimes I breathe through my nose. Ha ha. I think we have a future, we seem so much alike. So I was devouring some of her pawns, until suddenly I was giving away a bishop. Come here … and you… what team do you play for? Do you have a boyfriend or what? No, nothing serious. Now I just laughed, I didn’t pay attention and she took two pawns.

From “The Importance of Doing Nothing