Grandparents’ House Closed, No Answers / Misael Aguilar Hernandez

Mayabeque, Cuba, November 13, 2013, Misael Aguilar Hernandez / Cuban Network of Community Communicators / The Grandparents’ house in the town of Bejucal, located on 20th Street between Zanja and 1st in the recently created province of Mayabeque, closed its doors because of a blockage and unhygienic conditions, a situation that already spans several months.

The elderly are surprised, as for them it doesn’t fit with the traditional axiom that the guest is always right. With this decision they’ve been left without the attention they received and have seen their lunchtime chats on the couches go up in smoke in the blink of an eye, along with their schedule of snack, lunch and dinner. Some say that it’s as if these things sprouted wings and flew off to Neverneverland.

They have written to the State Council, with the hopes that the center will be reopened, because the times they have addressed themselves to the municipal authorities they’ve been told it’s out of their hands to do anything. The reality is that the grandparents have been abandoned to their fate and the official response if a silent sphinx. It appears that the municipal government has other priorities.

Misael Aguilar Hernandez

Cubanet, 13 November 2013