Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, Seven Months in Prison Without Trial

Luis Manual Otero Alcántara

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Boris Mijatovic, Kassel, Germany, 7 February 2022

Dear Ambassador Ripoll Diaz,

I am writing to you to express my deep concern about the disturbing situation of the imprisoned artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara. The intention of this letter is to urge you to speak out in favor of his immediate release.

Mr. Alcántara, as an artist and member of the San Isidro Movement in Cuba, has always worked for artistic freedom and expression. After starting a hunger strike on April 25, 2021 to protest the destruction of his artwork by the police, he was forcibly transferred to a hospital a week later.

He left the hospital on May 31, 2021, but the police arrested him again in July 2021. Since then, Mr. Alcántara remains imprisoned without having been tried.

Last week, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it rejected the request to change the measures to modify the pretrial detention. Therefore, Mr. Alcántara must remain in prison and is not allowed to wait for the trial at his home. As a consequence, Mr. Alcántara began a hunger strike again, to which is added the renunciation of visits and communications.

Mr. Alcántara is a non-violent political prisoner who was simply defending his right to freedom of expression. Therefore, it is imperative that you advocate for his immediate medical attention and release. Also, the family of Mr. Alcántara must be informed without delay about his state of health.

I remain at your disposal at all times to discuss in person the situation of Mr. Alcantara.


Boris Mijatovic, Member of the Bundestag

Editor’s note: Boris Mijatovic is a member of the Green Party in Germany and a Member of Parliament for his hometown of Kassel. We reproduce in full the letter that he addressed to the Cuban ambassador in Berlin, Ramón Ripoll Díaz, asking him to intercede for the freedom of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara.


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