Angel Santiesteban Visited by Family, Appears “OK”

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 1.51.51 PMAiler: Family of Angel Santiesteban able to see him today in prison. He ate light foods during the visit, remains in the punishment cellt.

Antonio: Visiting Angel Santiesteban, still in a punishment cell, does not look like he was beaten up, eating light foods.

13 April 2013 | about 5:45 pm Havana time

Campaign for Another Cuba: Video #Cuba

This video is less than 4 minutes long.

OLPL Hosts ESTADO DE SATS for ANTONIO RODILES / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Translator’s note: The collaborators and supports of Antonio Rodiles and Estado de SATS have decided to hold an Estado de SATS every evening at 6:00 PM as long as Antonio is in jail, to demonstrate that the arrest of one man cannot shut down the project. Our apologies for not having a subtitled version — readers are encouraged to contribute to preparing one… the first step is to make a transcript in Spanish and email it to TranslatingCuba – at – THANK YOU! (Or feel free to translate it and subtitle it and send us a link to the subtitled video!)

November 16 2012