February 7 2011

The National Orlando Zapata Tamayo Civic Resistance and Disobedience Front is calling on all activists and members of the Cuban resistance to participate in the “Zapata Lives!” march, which will take place throughout the nation on February 23rd, the one year anniversary of the assassination of political prisoner Orlando Zapata.

Brothers, Sisters, Cubans… this 23rd of February will be the most appropriate moment to declare that we are all resistance, and that Boitel and Zapata live on! Paying homage to this Cuban martyr also means paying homage to all the martyrs Cuba has had during all its years of political imprisonment. In this same manner, by doing this we also accept these martyrs as symbols and guides in the struggle for peaceful changes towards democracy in Cuba.

Compatriots, on this 23rd of February, notify the neighbors of your municipality or city in Cuba that the flame of resistance is now stronger than ever.

Brothers, the name of your movement does not matter, nor does its political affiliation or association. It is the time to unite all of our voices in one demand and to scream wherever we can be heard: Zapata lives on! We are all resistance! The streets belong to the people!

The following signatures belong to the national executives of the The National Orlando Zapata Tamayo Civic Resistance and Disobedience Front.

Eriberto Liranza Romero
Idania Yanez Contreras
Alejandro Tur Valladares
Sarah Martha Fonseca Quevedo
Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina
Adriano Castaneda Meneses
Guillermo Del Sol Perez
Raul Luis Risco Perez
Nestor Rodriguez Lobaina (currenty imprisoned)

Translated by Raul G.