Blog Birthday / Rebeca Monzo

Last Friday, on the fourteenth floor in the simple but very cozy apartment of the famous blogger Yoani Sanchez and her husband, the journalist Reinaldo Escobar, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the blog Generation Y.

With open doors, agreeable music and the aroma of incense, they received their many friends and admirers, who gathered to congratulate her and share with her such an important anniversary.

A nice afternoon and seeing each other again and “catching up” on recent events and incidents, in which the alternative blogosphere has been featured. Parents, families, the dog, cat and bloggers, we filled every cubic inch of the hospitable home.

To climb up these fourteen stories has already become an agreeable custom. Although the electricity had failed, we attack the stairs, knowing also that everyone who crosses the threshold is crossing, as our friend W. expressed it, “the razor’s edge.” We are all aware that at any moment an undesired visitor may arrive. Still, here we are and here we will always be when we have something to say or to celebrate.

April 15 2012