Bad Handwriting in La Joven Cuba (25) / Regina Coyula

In response to Osmani and LJC and “United States-Cuba Relations: the game never ends.

Months ago I suggested writing about the issue of the Blockade-Embargo. This posting is to be the crystallization of that suggestion. For a moment imagine the reaction if they demanded that, as a condition, Cuba must pay something like what was enacted in Act 851 of 1960. Strictly speaking, it speaks to the confiscation of assets of individuals and or corporations, not countries or governments. With other countries agreements were reached years later, but the perennial strained Cuba-USA relations have not produced the necessary climate to address these issues. There you could find an explanation for the good economic relations between the United States and China, but especially with Vietnam, after a bloody war, where they set aside grudges and negotiated potential for mutual benefit.

It is noteworthy that Cuba’s policy has been the confrontation, to maintain this tension to which I referred, always under the assumption that we will be attacked. I, at least, never sensed during the government of Fidel a real willingness to engage in dialogue. The Republican governments, with more aggressive discourse, were the perfect complement. Our former president was never more uncomfortable than with Carter’s policy of building bridges, and then Clinton also made decisions that could not do anything to increase the tension.

They (the United States) get along fine without us; but we, on the other hand, rely on them for food imports. Other equally important issues would be on the negotiating table: Guantanamo, the Cuban prisoners, migration, whatever it takes. It seems sensible that my government set aside its pride and sit and talk. Less patriotism and more common sense.

I say this with the utmost respect for the way you see it, but there are issues that affect us all and that serve politics well, but not the nation.

January 26 2012