Bad Handwriting in La Joven Cuba (15) / Regina Coyula

For Edu re Culture and Revolution

If the Cuban-American community claims to be a cultural paradigm, it is as chauvinistic as you are when you say, among other things, that “Cuba, despite the blockade, produces more musicians, painters, sculptors and artists than almost all the countries in the Americas.”

If you have never “fully understood what the minions of political reaction say” about all the books one cannot read here (not even mentioning those barred from publication) I can make you a list. At Customs there’s an Index, I know because on my return from Spain my luggage was filled with books and the customs agent told me he had to check them in the computer. If you read those books by Varga Llosa you mention, it was not in a Cuban edition.

“…thanks to the Yankees. The 20 million Soviet dead meant nothing because they were communists…”

The 20 million (a rounded number) died not only on the war’s fronts but also in the forced labor camps. Is Stalinism a CIA hoax? Do you have to be communist to defend your country from foreign invasion?

History with a capital H, always knows in the end, but it can be modified according to who is telling the story, but it cannot be destroyed. Nothing the victors do at one time, nor the government in turn, can change this. Not in Russia, not in Cuba, not anywhere.

The Party is NOT the shield and the soul of the nation. No party is able to represent the interests of a country. it is CULTURE that meets this requirement.

“… he of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), heir of Marti’s Revolutionary Party. That which the Yankees dissolved when they robbed us of our independence.”

I refer you to the Complete Works of Marti to read, without intermediaries, what Marti thought on creating the Revolutionary Party of Cuba (PRC) and what he thought of socialist ideas. As you are ignorant of it, you risk nonsense in saying that the Yankees disolved it and repeat, so convenient for our rulers, that the PCC is the continuation of the PRC.

You seem more interested in believing than in reading. A post like this confirms my worry about the danger that comes from the combination of dogmatism and ignorance.

August 31 2011