Angel Santiesteban’s Right To A Pass Violated By Regime Which Is A Member Of The Human Rights Council / Angel Santiesteban

As expected, Raul Castro, the second emperor dictator of the tropical Communist Nazi dynasty, recently recognized by the UN Human Rights Council with a seat in the “distinguished” set of toilets that make up the guardians and safeguards of each other, has debuted such a “deserved” honor by violating the rights of prisoners of Lawton prison settlement where Angel Santiesteban-Prats is unjustly caged.

Yesterday, Friday November 22nd, all prisoners were awaiting their coveted pass which they receive every 27 days, and Angel every 60 days, as he is subject to a different regime for not going to work like the rest of his teammates. On the day and time appointed, simply and without giving any explanation, they were informed that there was no pass.

It is not the first time since Angel has been in this settlement that they have violated the rules concerning the treatment of passes. Having nullified this one, the next will be in 2014, and they will have been 120 days without a pass, again violating their rights.

Violating the individual rights of ordinary citizens has been rife in the Cuba of the “Revolution” for 54 years, and rape in prisons and the concentration camps is not only common, but also is an everyday enjoyment for thousands of servants and lackeys who work sadistically fulfilling orders from above.

Sonia Garro, Ramón Muñoz, El Crítico (The Critic), Armando Sosa Fortuny, Marcelino Abreu Bonora, Roilan Alvarez Rensoler are just some of the human beings who, along with Angel, make up the painful and shameful list of over a hundred political prisoners who are locked in Castro’s concentration camps, many of them in serious danger of death on hunger strike, and all unjustly imprisoned, with unfair trials or no trials, all with false charges, tortured, abused, humiliated, simply for the “crime”  of expressing themselves and desiring a free and democratic Cuba.

The UN Human Rights Council miserably endorsed the existence of the dynastic dictatorship that has, for more than half a century, been oppressing the Cuban people, and in giving it a “toilet” honor among the “illustrious” it endorsed the systematic violation of human rights on the Island, setting a dangerous precedent for the community of nations.

Angel did not leave on a pass yesterday in Havana. I wonder if today they will already be preparing for Dec. 10 in Geneva, a tribute to the Five Spies* and if they will denounce the “serious” abuse of the American government which they will repeat at the weekly rant?

Dictator Castro, even having his delegate in the UN Human Rights Council and to show his “power” in such sad maneuvers such as “Bastion”, if it is necessary to cage a writer for what he writes, and to strip a few brave women who carry gladioli as a weapon, there should be no doubt that his place in history has already been secured: a coward and a despicable loser and murderer.

The Editor

*Translator’s note: A reference to the five State Security agents — lauded as “The Five Heroes” in Cuba — imprisoned in the United States (one of whom, having served his sentence, is now back in Cuba) for spying and related crimes.

Translated by: Shane J. Cassidy
23 November 2013