Anamely Ramos Stands with Photos of ‘Osorbo’ and Otero in Front of the Cuban Embassy in Washington

Art curator Anamely Ramos continues her protests in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington. (Facebook / Anamely Ramos)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 13 March 2022 — “Enough of allowing a dictatorship to set the rules,” said art curator Anamely Ramos, who announced last Friday that she was camping out in front of the Cuban embassy in Washington. “It is my right to return to Cuba. My home is there.”

Ramos, who was prevented by the Cuban regime from returning to Havana, has been posting images of political prisoners Maykel Osorbo Castillo and Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara since last Thursday in front of the Cuban diplomatic headquarters. That day, she shared photos and posted messages on her Facebook account: “Carry your shame!”

In addition, she announced her departure from the San Isidro Movement a few days ago and recited the beginning of the poem Dos Patrias by José Martí by pointing out: I have two motherlands: “Cuba and the night. Or are the two one?”

On Friday she reinforced her protest on her social networks, just hours after posting a message informing that the rapper’s lawyer “received notification that the trial process would begin.”  The imprisoned man has been waiting for his trial since he was arrested last May 18th, accused of “attack,” “public disorder” and “evasion of prisoners or detainees” for some events that occurred on April 4th.

“Enough already of allowing a dictatorship to set the rules,” said art curator Anamely Ramos

The art curator announced that the police prevented her from “placing the photos of the prisoners on the fence” of the Cuban embassy and she then decided to “wallpaper” a campaign tent where she spends the night. “The lives of those inside Cuba depend on how much we can push. We can do it less dangerously”.

In her message, she stated that “the intention of the dictatorship is to isolate them alone inside. We cannot leave them.”

In a previous message, Ramos recalled that “the UN has already ruled that Maykel must be released,” but the regime decided to put him on trial. “It does so even as Maykel’s health worsens and we remain without an accurate diagnosis.”

About the conditions in which they keep the rapper, Ramos reiterated that “the cruelty of the dictatorship has no limits. She stressed: “Cuba will put on trial a person who is sick, who is innocent and that the UN itself demanded that he be released.”

Translated by Norma Whiting


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