An Exemplary Feat / Rebeca Monzo

Today’s most important news was the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine nearly half a mile down for sixty-nine days.

If the work of the Chilean government, sparing no expense or technology, has been commendable, the attitude of the miners themselves has been fantastic; these men who grew up in difficult circumstances have managed to stay calm and even good-natured. They have also constantly received the support of families and friends, who have camped outside the mine and stayed, without moving, giving them encouragement and much needed hope.

Today is undoubtedly a great day for those families who will soon all be together again, safe and sound. The great efforts of the rescuers should also be noted, they have risked their own lives to go down and help in the ascent. Mario Gomez, “the GPS” as he is affectionately called by his colleagues, has done a great job because of his deep knowledge and experience of the mine. Tonight there will be celebrations and rejoicing in all Chilean homes.

Just yesterday was the birthday of Pedri, one of my two beloved nephews, half Chilean, half Cuban. Early in the morning I sent him my best wishes, saying that from now on his birthday would be inextricably linked to the day that a great feat was accomplished in his native country: the rescue of the miners of Copiapo.

Impressed, before so much wisdom, integrity, technological organization, and moral, psychological, technical and other support, I could not contain myself: “Oh My God!” how great it is that on my planet there are no mines nor miners!

October 14, 2010