Almost Alone, in Meditation / Joisy Garcia Martinez #Cuba

The “massification” in almost all aspects and areas of Cuban life has left the common citizen completely isolated. The sites of participation have been and are increasingly operated and controlled by the omnipresent one Party and its scapegoats. Every day free spirited citizens suffer inhuman social isolation, persecution, and at the same time continue to speak more frequently of uncontrolled beatings, of incredible criminal prosecutions and even imprisonment.

The lack of spaces for pluralism and participation, is another of the causes of the lack of freedom in our country, and the margins in which a healthy climate of pluralism and respect for diversity can exist remain narrow — particularly in the socio-political sphere — where rights  that allow for personal initiative, creativity and innovation independent out of state can be discussed and exercised.

The inconsistency between what they say and what they do is becoming increasingly obvious, the work of hard-line control on the part of the moderators toward the elementary exercise of freedom has not let up… With continued use of these mechanisms they will only manage to exclude citizens, who with a beautiful love for our society and country will not accept being locked into a double standard, in the framework that supports corruption and social disorder. It’s clear that after decades of looking for him the “New Man” has never appeared, we have only demonstrated results of laziness and apathy. The fear of criticism — even constructive criticism — has become widespread, like a pandemic of evil that spreads and contaminates.

The emerging practice in knowledge for the exercise of freedom is vital, existing civil society has been turned into an amorphous mass, leaving microscopic spaces for freedom… docilely ceding to the control and intimidation of a State what no longer hides its repression of the inevitable desire for freedom of an entire people. Those who are aware must educate themselves and raise awareness of rights and responsibilities, that will bring the full exercise of freedom that we so desperately need.

Achieving freedom does not happen solely through protests, but through social responsibility and collective pain… for I read someone who said, sadly their name doesn’t come to mind right now: Freedom is not given to man with blows of freedom… Freedom is without any doubt the fruit of the inner dominion, not a trade in vindications.”

I invite us all to come together, with courage, creativity, responsibility, honesty and skill.

Joisy Garcia Martinez

January 9 2013