After the Mourning, the Grief / Fernando Dámaso

Havana Cuba After Fidel.

Fernando Damaso, 14 December 2016 — It seems that, the nine days of national mourning having ended, it is now extended into interminable grief, imposed by the official media, trying to sanctify the image of the deceased with a virtual eternity. It gives the strange sensation that his spirit continues to govern the country, and that he is the one dictating orders and regulations.

Violating the most elemental limits of reason, the idea has arisen of including his ideas in the curriculum of every university major this coming year, taking into account the “genius” of his content that, ironically, led the country to misery and has made it one of the worst economies in the world.

Documentaries, books, poems, articles, photographs, paintings and songs beset Cuba’s citizens day and night, repeated many times, causing rejection rather than acceptance, and everything related to him has quickly become part of  the island’s “choteo,” an unending stream of bitter humor. You just have to walk our streets with an attentive ear.

Excesses always bring bad results and are paid for dearly. This is something the Cuban authorities should know, after so many years of exercising power.