After ‘Anamu’, ‘Vimang’ Arrives to Fight Covid in Cuba

Under the name ’Vimang’ mango bark products, marketed by the Cuban State company Labiofam, are among those now recommended against Covid-19.

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 29 June 2020 — The Cuban fight using plants against Covid-19 continues. In the middle of April, the press in Santiago de Cuba recommended anamú tablets, assuring that the compound stimulated the production of interferon in the body, stopping the coronavirus infection. Now “26,” the local newspaper of Las Tunas, is promoting a compound called ‘Vimang’ which is claimed to have “antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immuno-regulatory properties, the latter being of more importance against the new coronavirus, and provides the body with minerals favorable to human health.”

The newspaper dedicated an article published on Sunday to the ‘progress’ of the Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Labiofam) in the province and highlights that the company is collecting mango peel, the basis of the product, which it describes as a medicine. The article indicates that the compound is being supplied to patients who fall ill with the SARS-CoV-2 virus “as its positive results in recovering health have been demonstrated.”

“We are not going to stop, we will continue to look for alternatives to reach people with more products, our lines will always depend on development, that is the hallmark,” concluded the director of the company which, in this year alone, is scheduled to collect 16 tons of the raw material of which it already has more than half.

During the current health crisis, Cuba has turned to selling the benefits of all kinds of products of national production to confront the coronavirus. Thus, there has been a promotion of drugs such as the famous Interferon Alfa 2b, whose effectiveness is more than questionable and which is even suspected of causing adverse effects.

Natural products are also being promoted, such as anamú and now Vimang; and, of course, homeopathics, such as PrevengHo-Vir and Biomodulin-T, whose effectiveness has never been scientifically proven.

The article in ‘26′ emphasizes how Cuba “stands up to the challenges,” referring to the United States embargo, to  manufacture products in “high demand for the people.”

In addition to “vital substances for fighting Covid-19,” Labiofam Las Tunas also manufactures “substances useful for hygiene and disease prevention, as well as in the marketing of syrups, infusions, lactose, among others.” In this regard, its director, Osvaldo Pérez Vega, indicated that hygiene modules are being developed and the possibility of expanding sites planned for the production of syrup, bleach and detergent is being arranged with the local government.

“There are already almost twenty points of sale of scattered throughout the province and the goal is to develop many more so that the people have access to these benefits,” said Pérez.

The manager also announced that online sales are working for both entities and individuals and a direct link with the self-employed will be resumed. “We intend to reach the proprietors who rent rooms, hostels, restaurants and others, in order to bring them cleaning and hygiene products, as well as insecticides essential for maintaining health.”


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