A Stronghold of Medical Power / Regina Coyula

Ameijeiras Brothers Hospital in Havana. Source: Flickr

The phrase was spontaneous; Ameijeiras Brothers Hospital is one of the last bastions of medical power. My husband is a patient there and I go every day. Unlike other hospitals, I don’t have to “move there” bringing my own bedding, fan, light bulbs, cleaning supplies and of course the food; barely a bucket for those who would prefer to bathe in hot water.

The building is clean and air-conditioned, the rooms have televisions and telephones, the staff is friendly, the doctors there seem real doctors with long-sleeved coats and ties. The food is not very varied, but decent and served in earthenware dishes, not the infamous tin trays. The operation isn’t the best with regards to the lack of elevators in service, serious in a hospital of 25 floors, but this is just a nitpick after so many benefits.

So yes, what should be the norm is the exception. And I’m not talking about the television and telephone. Nor even the air conditioning.

July 12 2012