A New Survey / Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado

For years the government of Cuba has been blaming the U.S. Cuban Adjustment Act for encouraging the exodus of its citizens to the United States, the destination chosen by most Cubans “perhaps because its proximity allows them to escape totalitarianism using even crude sailing vessels.” In recent years, perhaps encouraged by Cuba’s new emigration law which took effect in January of this year and which seems intended to promote the repeal of the Cuban Adjustment Act, there has been an intense debate within the Cuban community in the United States over the validity of a law which grants permanent residency status to Cuban immigrants entering the country.

The views of certain traditionally conservative segments of the Cuban community in the land of Lincoln happen to coincide with the island government’s stance on abolishing this law. This controversial topic, which has been the subject of much debate, has also aroused my interest and led me to conduct a new poll.

Do you believe the U.S. government should rescind the Cuban Adjustment Act?

You can take the poll here.