A Necessary Petition to the Pope / Yoani Sánchez

Link to petition.

The Petition in English:

Pope Benedict XVI

We the undersigned call on the generosity of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to support a call for justice for  Cubans during his visit to Cuba :

A. – Cease the repression, the humiliations and the beatings against the Ladies in White and other dissidents in Cuba.

2. – The right of Cubans to freedom of expression and association without being assaulted and jailed because their opinion is different from that of the government.

In 1998, His Holiness Pope John Paul II visited the island and publicly called for> “Let Cuba open itself to the world and let the world open itself to Cuba.” 14 years later, the same violations and restrictions of movement and expression set by the government are still in force, we make this request so that peace and love prevail in our country:


We dare to ask your Holiness to publicly support and to meet with the Ladies in White and other members of dissidents during your visit to Cuba.

15 March 2012