13th Annual Shepherd’s Staff March, Without the Support of Traffic Authorities / Anddy Sierra Alvarez #Cuba


The shepherd’s staff march is held every year, on December 17 — St. Lazarus Day.  This time the traffic authorities didn’t help like in past years. Observed by State Security (DSE) this year with more participation.

It started at 1:00 pm from the fountain at Sports City, beginning with the participation of 40 people and little by little more arrived until there were 80 people participating.

Traffic was a challenge, they had to cross at the green lights without having a traffic cop to stop the cars.

In the street people gave us food and wished us good health for ourselves and our families, there were those who joined us and even carried the staffs.

The bundle of staffs was heavier than in previous years but we made it to Rincon at night, exactly at 8:00 pm.

We brought the staffs into the church making three Ohm, leaving the church and continuing with our ritual. At the end we were surrounded by State Security, many with bitter faces whose expressions said, “I’ve had enough with this waste of time.”

But in the end we managed to conquer, once more, the walk that brought the union of many people with different positions.

December 18 2012