Wikileaks or Cyberpaparazzi / Rebeca Monzo

It’s amazing to see the pleasure taken by so many people in this kind of cyber-paparrazi, which is very disagreeable and highly inflammable.

On my planet they’re delighted, because in the cross-hairs of this unscrupulous Australian’s telescope is the eternal enemy, front and center.

If there is something efficient here, where nothing works, it’s state secrecy. There is great speculation about anything and everything. Sometimes delicate information filters out, but if it’s not published, that means it never happened. Somebody once said that if Napoleon had had the newspaper Granma available to him, no one ever would have heard of his defeat at Waterloo.

What draws my attention most is that, up to now, everything published basically affects just one country, what a coincidence! It could be an oversight on the part of the attacked, or perhaps it’s that someone is paying the attacker too well. Only time will tell.

It’s general knowledge that the diplomats of every country, without exception, inform their governments about everything they hear. This in no way means that what they say is the official opinion of the country they represent.

Gentlemen, it seems to me that sooner or later this cyber-paparrazism benefits no one. If we suddenly opened every Pandora’s Box there is, it would simply be the end of the world.

In general, any well-balanced person finds the paparazzi’s harassment of famous people greatly annoying. I think they should also reject these media intrigues that try to confront the governments of the civilized world, seeing as this is much more dangerous. In my humble opinion, it’s the equivalent of making a big mess and then leaving it to others to clean up.

December 4 2010