Wikileaks on my Island / Regina Coyula

I am not going to tell anyone the news about Wikileaks, I’m sure my readers know a lot more about it than we do in Cuba; I do want to comment on the repercussions of the Wikileaks revelations in my media. They have even dedicated a Roundtable TV show to it. And it could be that there are still those shocked by what is at stake in the world today and the moral implications of all that’s been uncovered, but save for some angry gestures here and there, this how the world’s intelligence and diplomacy community functions.

I watched the Roundtable go on about what would results from a massive leak of information in Cuba, and what the “disqualifications” would be for a Caribbean version of the wiki portal. The truth is that in the midst of so many documents, it was rather expected that the Cuban government would “get its hands dirty.” The neighbor should not have too much fun with the hailstorm if their own roof is made of glass.

December 8, 2010