Why Should This Code Worry Us as a Society? / Cubalex

Cubalex, 20 October 2022 — The Cuban government wants nothing to escape its supervision. Nothing, that might shake its power, has been left unregulated or uncriminalized.

Why should this Code worry us as a society?

#1 It categorizes criminal behaviour in a broad, ambiguous and discretionary manner.

#2 There are around 32 ’crimes’ which threaten freedom of expression.

#3 The use of cyberspace as an aggravation of criminal responsibility.

#4 The ’crime’ of practicing independent journalism.

#5 It maintains the death penalty.

#6 The use of ’therapeutic’ security measures.

#7 Age of criminal responsibility is maintained at 16 years.

#8 No recognition of femicide as a specific crime in its own right.

#9 Criminalization of the illegal transmission of satellite, television, radio or similar signals.

#10 Electronic surveillance is sanctioned.

#11 Monopoly of criminal action on electoral conduct, which should be processed in non-criminal ways.

Translated by Ricardo Recluso