What I have left of Laura / Reinaldo Escobar

On Sunday, October 2 at about eight in the evening, I visited the home of Laura Pollán and Héctor Maceda. I intended to film a short interview with both. Half an hour earlier, Maceda had confirmed with me that it would be possible, but when I arrived at 963 Neptuno Street on the heart of Central Havana, he told me that his wife had begun to feel ill almost exactly when he’d hung up the phone.

Obviously I didn’t interview Laura, but I did interview Hector and before I left I went to her room where I saw her shivering with cold and fever; she allowed me to make a couple of good humored medicinal jokes, and then she lowered the sheet covering her a little so I could see her smile. I touched her forehead and gave her a kiss.

I did not see her in that unspeakable wood gray box where I was told she was unrecognizable. I’m keeping her invincible smile.

17 October 2011