We’ve Reached Our First Wedding Anniversary / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Only a few supposedly deluded people imagined that our marriage would last longer than a snowball in hell. Exactly one year has elapsed since August 13, 2011. Today marks our first anniversary.

The date that we celebrate today is a day to share with all those who, from the very beginning, trusted us. They did not hesitate for an instant to be present at our celebration, and that even today continue to walk with us.

This year 2012 has been for Wendy and for me a time of anniversaries in many ways. It is the anniversary of our first encounter, our first date, our first year of living together. It is also the first year after Wendy’s abrupt departure from the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) and is the first anniversary of our happy marriage.

Many friends were left behind for various reasons, some chose to separate themselves from us out of convenience, while others as in the case of Wendy’s most intimate friends of are forbidden to have the slightest contact with her. But there is no lack of those who remained. Today thousands raise their hands to us and those are the ones who matter. These are who constantly watch over us and accompany us each day, giving us encouragement in every project we undertake and are now joining our celebration.

Today is August 13th, a date that gives a new touch of romance to the history of a nation that for decades devoted this day to celebrate the birthday of someone who would devour Cubans and every one of their dreams especially those who are members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

The celebration of our marriage is the first of its kind in Cuba, despite many attempts to downplay it. It is the first marriage between a man who admits to being Gay and a Transexual woman. It is the first that was held before a notary public and is the only one on record. In addition, it has been and will be the only celebration that displaced in the international media for the first time the birthday of Fidel Castro Ruz.

With text I am writing today I do not want to wear anyone out, much less want to overstep, today is a day to spend with my dear wife, our sponsors of the marriage, and our friends. Today is also a great day for us, we will be uncorking the champagne bottle that some friends gave us at the wedding.

It is a date to spend together and to renew our vows, today we celebrate our anniversary.

August 15 2012