Under the Umbrella of Jose Marti / Fernando Damaso

Fernando Damaso, 5 February 2016 — A few days ago the 2nd International With All and For the Good of All Conference was held in Havana, a government activity that, according to its organizers, brought together more than 500 delegates from around 50 nations.

It is convenient to seriously talk about and study Marti, although in this case the title of the Conference is ironic, because it takes place in a country where the commitment to Jose Marti’s “with all and for the good of all” has not been met.

The participants, as expected, with some exceptions, are part of the international fauna who unconditionally support the Cuban regime and make up its associations of solidarity. Analyzing and deepening Jose Marti’s thought is a mask of their true objectives: trying to confront the current process of changes where leftist and populist ideas are suffering a setback.

For many years now, Cuban leaders have realized that Marti, with his universal thinking, appeals to everyong, a kind of “Chinese ointment.” Early on they used the authority of Marti to justify the Moncada attack, and then used and reused him according to the interests of the moment, linking him to Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and other historical characters.

To accomplish this, his ideas have been carefully chosen, eliminating all those that contradicted with the regime, such as the following:

“The country is the happiness of all, the pain of all, the sky of all, and no one person’s fiefdom or chaplaincy.”

“The haters should be declared traitors to the republic. Hatred does not build.”

“All unchecked power exercised over a long time degenerates into a caste system.”

“No masks can be worn in countries with a free press, which blows through the city each morning like an unruly wind, lifting all masks.”

“I think they kill my child every time they deprive a person of their right to think.”

Some characters are already “fixed points” in these activities like, Frei Beto, Atilio Borón, Iganacio Ramonet and others, who know very well what the Cuban authorities like to hear. Acting accordingly, assures them an all-expense paid invitation to future events.

The sad thing is that there are still honest people who, believing they are doing something important for the good of the Cuban people, lend themselves to the game.