Two Blogyears / Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado

2 cumpleblog2010 was the year of my first verbal exposition. I took my first baby steps in virtual space and with it, painted on the canvas of my blog pieces of my reality and that of many other Cubans in the archipelago.

This November 15th I clap hands and words with all the visitors, readers and contributors, for the two short years of bringing Barefoot Rose online. Never mind that some posts are better than others, it is important to joyfully celebrate this date with song. I think that with each publication I have advanced a stage on the road to reclaiming the freedoms and rights of all Cubans.

I want to distinguish especially the most assiduous protagonists of the blog, those whom I like to call my accomplices, who modestly remind me they are there for me and encourage me with their views to continue to responsibly play this self-assigned media role. What to do to thank you? Continue to always work from the perspective of all of us so that the expression happy anniversary! multiplies us and becomes a happy birthblog to us! I congratulate us on this second candle on the important cake of communication.

November 15 2012