Two Absurd Terms / Fernando Dámaso

Fernando Damaso, 4 May 2016 — When I hear the elderly political leaders talking about the irrevocability and the permanence of Cuban socialism, I feel sorry for them, thinking about how everyone in the world with at least half a brain must be laughing at them. It’s clear that nothing made by man is irrevocable or permanent.

Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin, just to give four examples from history, thought that their ideas and regimes would indeed last, and, nevertheless, harsh reality demonstrated how wrong they were. It seems that there is a lot of historical illiteracy about.

To think that Cuba could be the exception, is absurd. Albert Einstein stated “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.” It seems like the latter is flourishing.

Having hurriedly included these terms in the Constitution means nothing, since Magna Cartas can be written and unwritten. Without looking any further afield, how many have been revoked or changed in the last few years in Latin America? It will happen in Cuba too.

It seems that political leaders who consider themselves to be intelligent people, when their final hour draws close, try to cling on, to make sure everything continues in accordance with their wishes. Once again, harsh reality demonstrates that this rarely happens, although sometimes change is slowed and delayed more than it should be.

This Cuban-style socialism, imposed with so much enjoyment, constructed with so little seriousness, will disappear like a failed monster, and it will do so because it has plunged Cubans into misery and destroyed the country.

Translated by GH