TRAPS / Lilianne Ruíz

A New Year for Everyone:

For my neighbor the policewoman, who represses the Ladies in White, she likes being home, having a family, likes her pets, seems human. She would swear she is just doing her job, but it’s not a job, it’s a novitiate.

We’re already used to the fact that my other neighbor is in jail for alleged crimes of corruption at the highest level. The very highest level is the only one absolutely corrupt; this is the one to which the Generals and Prosecutors belong. They keep my neighbor locked up without bail while awaiting trial, and without any right to talk to her lawyer, who should be studying the case that has been put together by the prosecutor, and from the hypothetical guilt trying to find some semblance of innocence. Nothing, it’s almost lost, and those of us who like her are very sad because she is a good woman who works hard to maintain her house. She was also the lover of her family. She wanted to make something more of life.

The most interesting of the optimistic images the Communist Party puts on TV at the end of the year, with a melodramatic soundtrack, is the appearance of Cubans. I haven’t seen so much order nor so much paint anywhere, but I recognize the faces of the Cubans, the shabby clothing, the withered appearance. If the benefit were so diminished I wouldn’t want it.

Some say we are so gullible that if the King would fill our bellies we would shout “Long Live the King!” Me, I refuse. I love beauty, freedom, independence, justice, law.